Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Against the sun

                                                       AGAINST THE SUN

Life is an extraordinary gift of god to human. The responsibility of god to a human after giving life is over. Then, the human has to get it going on his own way. Whether he selects the right way to live or the wrong way is something he has to decide, in any case he still remains a human. For those who select the right way the world becomes a heaven but  those who select the wrong way make others world a hell. God made human but what did human do? .He destroyed God. God sent human on this world to live his life freely.

The people who die young are said to be god’s favorites because god needed them more than their beloved ones. Those who die young are said to take another birth to complete the tasks that they’ve left incomplete in their previous birth. Before giving human a new life god tells human – “My dear child go and complete your incomplete tasks and come back when I call you”. Human accepts the proposal happily but when his task is over why does he fear death. DEATH IS JUST A RECALLING OF GOD TO MAN TO THE ETERNAL LIFE. 
All of us know that we have to die one day or the other and we are not going to take a single penny with us to the god’s world. Then,why do we stake whole of our life earning money. Why a beggar also asks for the money when he also knows that he’s also going to die one day.

The people who choose the right way to live, just have cordial feelings for everyone, be it an angel or a demon. To be true a god’s child is a person who doesn’t have any evil feelings for anyone.

People are not born great the growing years are the great years of success.

Imagine!!!! The whole universe is an unknown and unexplored. The stars, the planets and this universe is so unknown for human and we are just strolling, playing doing other activities. We are all alone in this mighty creation of god. God made us to cure his loneliness and what did we do just asked god for the things we needed or I should say begged before God. The eternal destination not man shouldn’t be in achieving money or any material possession. Man must get bored from his life and wait for god to take him to the eternal world. When god will come he will say – “Come my dear child let me show you the real destination of a man ….THE HEAVENS. Come my child you’ve played your part you’ve done a lot for this world. COME.”

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