Sunday, 28 August 2011

Flowing against the wind

What I have observed in my 13 years of life I have understood every aspect of human life but the main point of foundation of life I have never understood in these 156 months is HUMAN TENDENCY. The character of a human, I think I will not understand in my next 20-40 years but what I understood is the interfering nature of a human. What I observe is that when you are sitting ideal just as a sculpture, few people are eyeing you. These people are those who are at work. I simply don’t understand why people have to interfere in one’s work. “ANYBODY AT LEISURE INCURS EVERYONE’S DISPLEASURE’’. It means a person tired of daily grinds in his life is just relaxing and there comes a interferer he tries his best to make that person work in any condition. If that is not enough then he will advice you that “If you don’t work today you‘ll have to work tomorrow, so better work today so you will not have to work tomorrow”. This is what I hate the most if one has to rest other has to interfere. If that is not enough to shake you from your leisure then they will give you moral advices that work is a great medicine and all that. One thing is clear to all of us that if one have to rest than the other has to work. Then people will give examples of great people like Edison, Newton and many more. Then after all this advices and suggestions one gets frustrated and just walks out of there. Why one has to interfere if you are jealous of a person who is sitting ideal then why don’t you hurry to complete your work so you can too rest and join that person? Most of people tend to forget that if that person is sitting ideal then if we only concentrate on our work then tomorrow we might be resting and that person might be doing work.  These all small-small things we tend to forget in our busy life but these small aspects give us a guiding light to our troubles and tribulations about to come in our remaining life. These small things give us an image of the world which we will live after few years. If we adapt ourselves to these things then we will never suffer from the upcoming strange outcomes.

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  1. Dear Raghav, Congrats for having your blog. I have gone through the article above, although there is a need of good editing, but still the theme, thought and content is very good. Keep it up. God bless you.